Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jersey Shore

I'm pretty sure there is not a single soul in America that is ambivalent to MTV's hit Jersey Shore. I, for one, would love to watch it all day, every day, if only those with whom I share a TV would allow. Mostly because I, admittedly, enjoy watching the Situation, Paul D, Vinny, Ronnie, Sammy, J-Woww (sic), and Snookie make fools of themselves.

The last two episodes, however, went beyond the scope of idiocy and delved into dangerous territory. Starting with Snookie's infamous (second) arrest for public intoxication. The hour long episode chronicles her day of waking up with a hangover, heading to work in the same dress she wore out (and a blanket wrapped around her), sneaking to the bathroom to funnel beers, then going out for "coffee" and coming back after taking multiple shots at the bar next door. After work, the drinking continues, until she is too drunk to even stand up on the Jersey Shore Boardwalk.

And it couldn't have be later than 3pm.

Long story short, J-woww, and the new addition, Deena, can't get her off the beach, and after Snookie starts barking at the police who try to help, she lands herself in the drunk tank.

Ok, that kind of situation certainly sells TV (and "Free Snookie" t-shirts), but the roommates become all too aware of Snookie's apparent alcoholism. It's one thing to get smashed every night like the other roommies (which is also a form of alcohol abuse), but when you wake up and immediately start drinking, when you sneak beer into your work place, and when you're getting arrested in the middle of the afternoon for a "discon" (as they say), you have a bigger issue than playing up partying for the camera.

Usually, when a reality show ends up dealing with an issue that the plot doesn't foresee, eg Real World Seattle and suicide, Teen Mom and dating abuse, there's a plug at the end regarding where to go if "you or someone you know" needs help. There was no such drug addiction PSA at the end of Jersey Shore. I'm curious to know why, MTV?

On a note more related to the blog's usual content, the night after Snookie's release from jail, she and J-Woww talk about why she's an alcoholic. Snookie claims it's because her last boyfriend Emilio broke her heart, or rather it's because of him that she's an "angry drunk," not necessarily why she's a drunk. J-Woww comes back with her belief that Snookie just needs to find love.

"Snooking for love is like a disease. It's worse than a staph infection. It just keeps eating at you and eating at you, and then when you don't find a guy, you just get more miserable, and more depressed, and it's just not a good time."

"I'm addicted to three things: Bronzer, Boys, and Alcohol."

Call me crazy but I don't think the solution to her alcoholism is finding a guy. Even if it's true love. Hell she should try quitting all three, not one at a time, and replacing the void with greater amounts of the other two.

Snookie does need to find love. From herself. Honestly, making herself poster child for idiocy is probably not helping any of her problems. The rest of America making light of her problems is just feeding them (and the addictions of others).

There is virtually nothing serious about Jersey Shore. But it is a reality show. And sometimes, reality creeps in to the cast members lives, and when that happens, the joke is over.