Thursday, June 21, 2012


A lot of people (honestly myself included sometimes) believe fighting against violence against women is a futile effort. After all, women are genetically weaker (and by that I mean on average, women have lower levels of testosterone, and thus less agression and strength), and don't those who wish to commit crimes always prey on the weak? As long as there are people who wish to do violence, there will be violence against women. And crime will never end.

True - there will always be people who aim to harm. There will always be men and women alike who murder and steal and rape. I don't believe that we can ever 100% eradicate any of those. I do believe we can decrease their prevalence, but how? Like I said, afterall, we are the weaker sex. We are more vulnerable. The average woman can't fight off the average man. So, of course, men will continue to prey on women.

Fair enough. Honestly, okay. I can understand that. What I don't understand, what I will not embrace, and why I continue to fight, is the lack of outrage about this.

You know who else is vulnerable to attack? Children and the Elderly. What child can fend off a man? What senior can do that either? They are as weak, weaker even, than the average woman. Yet they are not the victim of predatorial acts half as often as women of any age. Not only that, but when they ARE, the whole of society goes crazy.

How can someone do that to an innocent child? How can someone do that to a little old lady? How can someone attack someone so helpless - or isn't that the general idea behind these statements?

So where is the outrage for women? Do people believe we are strong enough to fend for ourselves? And if they do honestly believe that, then why are we told to never walk alone at night? To cover ourselves up, to keep our keys in our hands, to avoid certain streets?

We are told we are weak, that we must be careful, that we must protect ourselves, or have a man to protect us. Until we are attacked, and then it's our fault - we should've been able to fend for ourselves, or should've been smart enough to avoid it all together.

I don't envision a world where no man, woman, or child is ever abused, raped, or killed. I believe that to be an impossibility, no matter how much we evolve. But I expect one day that those who commit those crimes are treated as the scum that they are. I hope that one day, violence against women won't be treated as an inevitability, but be met with disgust.

Violence against the weak is seen in every animal species. I wouldn't expect humans to be different. We are, however, different in our ability to empathize. To understand right from wrong.

Violence against children and the elderly are WRONG. We all know this to be so.

Violence against women is just as wrong, but much more prevalent.

Get Angry.

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