Thursday, June 9, 2011

Missing Girl

A young 20 year old woman from an affluent town in Westchester, NY went missing almost a week ago at her college in Indiana. Lauren Spierer was last seen alone and barefoot. She had lost her shoes, wallet and cell phone somewhere along her travels. Undoubtedly there is someone else involved - someone who knows where she is, and what's happened to her. With a $150,000 reward on her head, that someone isn't coming forward because he or she is the cause.

Was she killed? Unfortunately, probably.

Everyone has said what a heartbreaking story it is. How reminiscent it is of Natalee Holloway. While nobody, as far as I've seen, as outwardly blamed her, there are still the comments:

This is why women shouldn't get drunk.

Why women should be escorted home by someone they trust.

Why women shouldn't be out after dark.

Tragedy like this happens when women don't take care of themselves.


Tragedy like this happens when some sociopath decides he wants to prey on an innocent young beautiful girl. It happens when people forget to respect each other. It happens when people DO something like this.

It does NOT happen because someone had it done TO them.

Keep the Spierer family in your thoughts, prayers, hearts. Nobody, no family, should ever have to go through such a thing.